What model will be released next by SHARKIT ?


In this blog are presented some scaled models SHARKIT may release in the future.
Our vocation is still the same : bring to people models of unconventional and research prototypes, or noticeable projects and sports machines.
For a collection that make sense, the scales are standards, so 1/24 for bikes, 1/43 for cars, 1/32/48/72/144 for planes or large vehicles.
Your suggestions are welcome at renaud@sharkit.com

mercredi 6 avril 2011

ALR Piranha, Swiss Light Figther project , early 70's. Available 1/72

We are now working on a 1/72 scale kit of this noticeable swiss project.
We deeply thanks Frederic Barman and Dr Georges Bridel for providing the documentation.

jeudi 31 mars 2011

Edgley Optica-----> RELEASED !

The Edgley EA-7 Optica is a British light aircraft designed for observation work, intended as a low-cost alternative to helicopters.

The 1/72 kit is avaible.

mardi 29 mars 2011

Solar Impulse

A solar airplane around the world.
The first one... history is walking on.

Will Solar Impulse be the next sharkit model ?
1/72 scale, of course...

lundi 28 mars 2011

Deep Flight Super Falcon

La compagnie Hawkes Ocean Technologies de Graham Hawkes a développé un sous-marin biplace électrique, le Deep Flight Super Falcon, pesant 1820 kg, pouvant descendre à une profondeur de 305 mètres. Il peut se déplacer pendant 6 heures et fournir l’air requis pendant 24 heures.Ce qui distingue nettement ce sous-marin, c’est qu’il se contrôle comme un avion pour se déplacer sous l’eau !

Edison 2 Very Light Car

Combining sound physics with innovative design, the Edison 2 Very Light Car uses light weight and low aerodynamic drag to usher in a new era of automobile efficiency.
The propulsion is not electric (too heavy).
The engine is a single cylinder 250 cc turbocharged engine.

Delft University Electrical Superbus

Superbus is an innovative and sustainable public transport system which combines the benefits of a high-speed rail link with the flexibility of a car. Thanks to its low air resistance and electric engine, Superbus emits less than half the amount of CO2 emitted by a standard car. Superbus can be charged by solar panels or windmills. The infrastructure needed for Superbus is much cheaper than other high-speed alternatives. Passengers call up Superbus via a text message or the internet. The routes can be flexible, as Superbus can travel not just on high-speed tracks (250 km/hour), but also on normal roads.

Nuna 5 solar race car

If this will not make a nice and great model, I'll make sausages in my next life.

Esteban V, canadian solar car for ASC 2011 competiton

Will you run for a 1/43 scale model ?
L’American Solar Challenge 2001 est une course de 3700 km à travers les Etats-Unis, le long de la mythique Route 66, entre Chicago et Claremont en Californie. MORE

Volkswagen L1 diesel hybrid (year 2009)

Also know as "Volkswagen 1-liter car" (1 liter for 100km)
Volkswagen concept car, two tandem seats. French article. English Wiki
Will you run for a 1/43 scale model ?

Volkswagen L1 (year 2002)

Article in french HERE